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A tribute to the games wrath-demon

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A tribute to the games wrath-demon Empty A tribute to the games wrath-demon

Post  NerosMind on Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:58 pm

Who needs extremesports and fatal violence when we have computergames?

Man is a hunter. For thousands of years, we have had an endless hunt for territory, power, careers and gold trophies. The modern civilization with its technological advances, have made our lives pretty comfortable. But the biological evolution is far behind, so the animal drift is still there, like a ticking bomb behind a thin little conformity facade.
Paradoxically it is the high technology that gives us the opportunity to release our dispossessed impulses, this little invention called "computer". For all the desperate reality refugees who prefer non-chemical stimulus, this is the ultimate refuge from society tyranny. But when this digital medicine created for revitalization of limp life functions, is injected into the consciousness and the everyday life is decomposed to small fragments of irrelevant background noise, then we also are an easy prey for the ever-returning game wrath-demon. And in that aspect, hereby follows a brief review of the above-mentioned figure, in what may be seen as a tribute to his presence.

Virginity lost
Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo has the honor of the first meeting and taking this lost innocence. What I remember best from this game, was the very tiresome fights with the main boss M. Bison, and the physical pain I had to sustain the fight against him at the highest difficulty level. There was something unfair in watching him bounce around the screen while my figure was my tossed around like a helpless ragdoll. And this made my teeth hit cracks and the bloodstream was about to blow up the capacity of the temple-oars.

Bison's triumphant Piruett didn't really help the mood either. I often let my frustration out on the nearest wall, wich was the result of several holes in the wall. Fortunately, I had an appropriate poster I could use to cover this clear proof of my leisurely outer disposition wich hid an aggressive demon that only these innocent entertainmentproducts managed to provoke to life.
It came to the point were I hesitated to fire up the game again by pure fear of what the material costs would be. So instead I let it be, and curled up in my bed. While in bed could sense a contemptuous laugh from the gamecover. And it made me realize; pure will isn't always enough.

This was a lesson that could also be practiced on the web. Take for example Counter Strike, which represented my first meeting with like-minded killing venture online players. And I'm probably not alone in that the CS-hectic career was a keyboard consuming afair. Of unknown psychological reasons, it is often almost impossible to accept that you'r skill are worse than other players, so the lack of sufficient skills was the real physical destruction that caused the anger-attacks. In my case several key's wanished and is still gone this very day. Maybe they pulled back as terrified witnesses to what they have helped create. Regardless, it was a manageable problem as long as you had less used buttons on the keyboard.

This somewhat unwillingness to recognize the other's skill is now fortunately past (at least almost), but CS also offered other sources of frustration. I aim of course to these days active server-harm animals that must compensate for its lack of skill by plaguing the cyber-environment with their abusive loser-grammar each time they are «taken care of». And I'm not talking just about the typical false allegations of cheating that they toss of themselves in a desperate attempt to lever up their own self, but also personal and derogatory remarks they seem forced to use in lack of the amunitions effectiveness.

Cowardice on the battlefield
Strange enoug this was a much less frequent phenomenon in Battlefield 2, but in return it offered even greater outrage factors. There are not many things that can be said to be a stronger catalyst for uncontrolable adrenaline-rage than the so-called "spawnkilling" phenomenon in this very exciting war game, and presumably many other games for that matter. It is inevitable that the online multiplayer game attracts eager pointhunters if selfrespect depends on high ranking and good statistics, and to kill the enemy before they get dressed up is an effective method, but how fair is it?

I have been witness to this, on many occasions, and the phenomenon managed to bring out an all-new level of aggression that would have frightened of even the most experienced anger-therapists. And that's to say, had there existed a court for such serious violations of the game rules, I would without a moment's hesitation requested something like 20 years of continuous CS-gaming with broken fingers, constant server lag and partly defective mouse. Sigh, it's allowed to dream.

On the other hand, the tingling feeling of satisfaction when you did a unnoticed retreat from the massacre and managed to deliver a highcalibre leadprojectile in the forehead of one of these honorless losers from a safe distance. Another idea was obviously to leave a remotedetonated plastic surprise or a couple of APM to the lucky accomplices. Malice in such cases was nearly of orgasmic character, I'm really not some vindictive person, it is just an example of the revived, primitive feelings that overrides the rational intellect.

Dangerous authorityhate
The ability to lighten the pressure is fortunately also found in the Grand Theft Auto games, these policehate-promoting recruitment tools for criminal disposal youth. I do not know how wise it was of the game producers to make the cops the greatest irritant in these games, for there can hardly have an positive effect on potential victims of the laws long arm in the future. And with thought on the popularity these games, this is perhaps something the game producers should have thought twice on.

For one of the most effective anger triggering factors with these games for me is when one is on a frantic battle against time or a mission where smooth mastery of trafic is of vital importance, and then coming out for a most untimely collision with one of the numerous police cars in the city. As if the stress factor is not high enough already, you now need too shake of these already weary donut eaters, which in general have a high tolerance limit when exercising a relaxed attitude to traffic rules and safety of innocent pedestrians. Morales, in other words; dork like the others, but make a scratch on their car, and the limit for unacceptable behavior are passed. Is it strange society characterized by a warped sense?

Anyway, on several occasions, I have seen the need to embark on my bloody vendetta against the police population of Liberty City, just to hamper my criminal occupation of the game. And when the arsenal begins to dwindle and blood thirst is satisfied, it is only to skid in for a quick repaint and walk away with recovered equanimity and pure conscience.

Unintended therapy
Such purification is balsam for the feeling registry, and with a perky soul, it is thus only to wipe away the foam around your mouth, tighten the tie knot, and again thread into the non-digital world with renewed commitment and enthusiasm. And when the wrath-demon quietly withdraw after having contributed to this relief reconciliation of our own humanity.

And what might be better than this temporary latent caveman-nature only result in virtual damage? Then it may also be a small price to pay for the total involvement and that a small minority of people is not able to bear the transition to the physical environment and sees reality as little more than just a new game level, just with better graphics and no save options. And there are also sad examples of brutal, game-related violence. But as long as our digital hobby gives normal people a healthy outlet and introspection, it is the parents retardant neglect and society's inability or unwillingness to identify psychosocial discrepancies that might play a dangerous, triggering factor.

And still I have yet to see the speed running GTA disciples in hijacked cars come driving down city streets with howling police after them, in feverish search for the nearest repaint shop or World of Warcraft fans chasing innocent pedestrians with swords, I choose to believe that this is regardless of a marginal threat to the game data legitimacy.

Nevertheless, you may want to make sure what you put in your PC or the console next time, for the games wrath-demon is constantly lurking out there in cyber-space, looking for their next unsuspecting offer.

"Hit the brix pal, your done" - Scout

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