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The Spy

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The    Spy Empty The Spy

Post  NerosMind on Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:44 pm

The Spy

The    Spy Spytf2class

Icon The    Spy 40px-Leaderboard_class_spy
Class Spy
Type Support
Electro Sapper
Weapons Damage Clip Size Clip CapacityExtra Info
Revolver 55 - 60 (120 crit) 6 24 N/A
Cloaking WatchN/A N/A N/A Cloaks the spy. Charges with ammo
Butterfly Knife28 - 54 0 0 Instant kill if used from behind

Unlockables DamageClip Size Clip Capacity Extra Info
Ambasador 46 - 56 (102 crit) 6 24 The first shot has very high accuracy. Headshots also cause crits
Dead Ringer N/A N/A N/ACloaks the spy for 8 seconds after taking none lethal damage.
Cloak and Dagger N/A N/A N/ACloaks the spy. Charges when the spy is standing still

Abillities :-
Disguse - Using his disguse kit, the spy can disguse himself as any class and any team. They also get the name of a member of the team they are disgused as. Members of your own team see you with a mask over your head, to help keep the illusion.
Electro Sapper - If a sapper is placed on any item created by the Engineer, then it stops the item from working and slowly drains its health. It drains 25 health a second from any Item. The sapper may be removed by the engineer hitting the device with his wrench 3 times.

Tips and Hints
Guide 2
Guide 3

"Hit the brix pal, your done" - Scout

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The    Spy Empty Re: The Spy

Post  Emil on Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:41 pm

If you play spy, you should kill people.
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The    Spy Empty Re: The Spy

Post  LSD on Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:48 am

You should check out Orca's guide on spying. He's like the God of spies...

I'll link to the video when i get time. Very Happy
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The    Spy Empty Re: The Spy

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