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The Engineer

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The Engineer Empty The Engineer

Post  NerosMind on Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:24 pm

The Engineer
The Engineer 2833611172_7187178131
IconsThe Engineer 40px-Leaderboard_class_engineer
Type Defensive
Health 125
Abilities Buildable Structures

Weapon Damage Clip Size Clip Capacity
Shotgun 80 - 90 (180 crit) 6 32
Pistol 20 - 22 (45 crit)12 200
Wrench43 - 87 (195 Crit) 0 0

Buildable items -
When building these items the Engineer is required to have an ammount of metal to build it. This metal is what is used as ammo for the Wrench. This can be picked up using ammo boxes or dead players weapons. The more wrenches (Engineers) used to build the item, the faster it will build. It will half the construction time with each additional Engineer. You can change the orientation of the item by using right click button when placing the item.

Sentry Gun - The sentry gun is the main tool of the Engineer and is avalible in 3 stages.
Level Cost DamageSpeed Health
1 130 13-20 (each bullet) 2/sec 140
2 33013-20 (each bullet) 4/sec180
3 53013-20 (each bullet)
30-50 (rocket hit)
8/sec 210
The sentries, when built are stationary weapons. It detects the enemy, turns towards and fires. Depending on what stage they are in the damage and rate of fire is different. They do have a limited range of detectiong although the bullets and missles will go further than that range.

Dispenser - The dispenser is a buildable item the gives out Heath and Ammo for anybody who stands near it. It requires 100 metal to contruct and takes 20 seconds to build. When fully contructed, has 150 health and can hold up to 400 metal. It can be upgraded 3 times like the Snetry gun.
When level 1 it can distribute up tp 40 metal every 5 seconds and heals 10 Hp/sec
When level 2 it can distribute up tp 50 metal every 5 seconds and heals 15 Hp/sec
When level 3 it can distribute up tp 60 metal every 5 seconds and heals 20 Hp/sec
If destroyed, the pieces can be collected by an Engineer for 50 Metal

Teleport entrance - A teleport entrance is used inconjunction with the Exit. It requires 125 metal to construct and takes 20 seconds to build. It has a total of 150 health. It is used to send people "instantly" to the location of the teleport exit.

Teleport exit - A teleport exit is used inconjunction with the entrance. It requires 125 metal to construct and takes 20 seconds to build. It has a total of 150 health. It is used to be the location players are sent after stepping on the teleport entrance. After stepping off the exit, the player has a glowwing effect around them for 13 seconds. A spy disguised or cloaked is not affected by this.
Both the Teleporter Entrance and Exit can now be upgraded to level 3, like the sentry and dispenser. At level 1 the Entrance recharges in 10 seconds, at level 2 it recharges in 6 seconds and at level 3 it recharges in 3 seconds. you can level up either the entrance or the exit and it will upgrade them both as a pair.

Tips and Hints
Guide 2
Valve's Building Structure

"Hit the brix pal, your done" - Scout

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The Engineer Empty Re: The Engineer

Post  LSD on Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:51 am

Make sure to wrench EVERYTHING Very Happy

Not just you buildings, but teammates, the walls, hell, even sprays Razz
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The Engineer Empty Re: The Engineer

Post  Pinguster on Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:27 am

Engineer is credit to team
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The Engineer Empty Re: The Engineer

Post  Lt. Smash on Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:55 pm

If your stuff is being sapped, kill the spy, then give priority to your dispenser, then teleporter exit, then sentry.
With a dispenser you can rebuild everything and teammates coming through your teleporter will help kill the spy when he comes back (and he WILL come back, btw)

There are three schools of thought on dealing with stickes:
a) Shotgun the stickies and hope for the best.
b) Charge at the demo with your shotgun, and hope for the best.
c) Swear, suicide/run away and demolish your stuff.
If caught early, the most effective method is method b.
A lvl 2 sentries can usually survive two stickies near them.
Lvl 3's can sometimes take 3, depending on the distance.
Do NOT sit there wrenching your sentry like a retard, you WILL die.

Soldiers are tough nuts to crack. The best form of defense is placing your sentry in such a way that it cannot be seen by an enemy without being in it's range. Use RIGHT CLICK to rotate it so that it can face the enemy faster. When you have your stuff upgraded, begin scouting around with your shotgun, try to lure the soldier into your sentry.

Offensive Engineer
As offensive engi, you must use your Wits and Cunning to sneak past the enemy lines. (it was worth writing this whole thing just to say that =3)
You should NEVER have a lvl 3 sentry.
Your building priorities are:
1. Tele
2. Dispenser
3. Sentry
Your sentries WILL die, build them, maybe upgrade once, then run. (Don't fall in love with your sentry, for god's sake)
Be happy with 3 kills before they die.
Place teles somewhere useful but hidden.
Place dispensers behind corners in choke points.

Top three general tips:
Do NOT underestimate your other weapons, no other class strikes fear in the hearts of the enemy quite like an engineer brandishing a wrench.
Right-click is your friend.
Being Credit to Team is more important than kill whoring.
Lt. Smash
Lt. Smash
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The Engineer Empty Re: The Engineer

Post  Cauldron Moose! on Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:21 pm

Level 1 sentries in obnoxious places are great. Put it the most stupid place ever, but somewhere people dont look straight away.

People won't realise at first, what it is hitting them. Then they spend a little while finding it, and by the time they start to shoot, they'll be dead.

Use the sentry to distract people away from the Teleporter and dispenser, rather than drawing them towards it. Shotgun can do a *hell* of a lot of damage, if you aim properly. Pistol can do a hell of a lot as well. Wrench crits so much, if an uber comes towards your sentry, sometimes, a very good idea is to run away from it, sneak up behind them, let the sentry die, then crit wrench the medic/whatever pair that blew it up. I knew a guy that did this, and he would get 5 man killsprees with his wrench, just W+M1ing at the uber. You get so many crits because your critchance is boosted as if all the sentry shots that hit the uber did damage. You;re looking at least a 40% crit chance after that, if not more.

Cauldron Moose!
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The Engineer Empty Re: The Engineer

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