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Improving Vikings

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Improving Vikings Empty Improving Vikings

Post  SPAH CHECKAH on Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:04 pm

As we played vikings recently we discussed about the map and came to the conclusion that there are some flaws in the map. However we don't expect that Xenon is going to make a 2nd final. Some flaws we have noticed:

- Music is not mutable.
- One ship is more shadier than the other one.
- Spawncamping can be too easily done.

Since I do have some mapping skills which I think are at least equal compared to Xenon's I might be able to work on some problems. However I would only stick to a list of collected problems and wouldn't change anything effecting the gameplay self, unless it's requested.

And I would only do it if there's enough interest for a fixed version of vikings.
So feel free to voice your opinions for or against it.
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